who are we...

A native of Newfoundland and now living in Ireland for over 20 years, Peter is an innovator of all things Iron and Wood. With a background in precision fabrication and design, he leads a small and skilled team in creating unique modern furniture solutions.

Based out of Dublin and Galway, Ironwood produce bespoke, one of a kind pieces, made from steel and sustainably sourced natural hardwoods.

what we do...

Ironwood combines the best in functionality and artistic vision to create one-off pieces, making our clients visions – both little and large – come to life.

We produce a wide range of high quality immersive commissioned pieces for both domestic and commercial clients. Our work combines precision metal work with quality natural timbers. The fusion of these materials enables Ironwood to create unique, innovative pieces for the interior or exterior of your home or business.

We always endeavour to use sustainably sourced materials in our work. For our timbers, we favour hardwoods such as Irish ash, Iroko, oak and Sapele and we work with wide range of selected metals. We can always tailor our materials to suit your vision and budget!

Ironwood also provides an expert custom fitting service for all residential and commercial locations.